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We believe everyone has a voice and that voice matters tremendously.  Regardless of the diagnosis, no one should feel their voice is not heard; that their words do not matter.  We help people who struggle with the daily impact of living with a vocal disorder.  We do this by providing support through a caring and unbiased community, increasing awareness of voice problems in the global community, and offering insight into specialized services that many people would not otherwise have access to.

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The Australian Dysphonia Network was established in 2016 in an effort to connect and provide local support for people living with, or impacted by a voice disorder. We understand life with a voice disorder, because we either live with one, or have close experience of supporting someone who does.The Network is a newly registered charity which aims to raise Public and GP awareness of dysphonia, and to fund research into it's causes, management and the human impact of life with a voice disorder.

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Faces of HNC is a Tennessee based 501(c)(3) organization dedicated to raising public awareness about head and neck cancer and resources to provide solutions that improve quality of life for HNC survivors of treatment, one voice at a time. Thank you for being among the voices that speak for voices lost.


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